Behind every interior design project lies a journey of creativity.

It all begins with a mood board, my creative compass. A mood board is a curated collection of images, textures, colours and materials pulled together to evoke certain emotions. It is about how the client wants to feel in the space and how they wish to experience it. The mood board speaks volumes, laying the foundation for my interior design process. Then every colour, every texture, every element I later specify, is always connected back to ensure it is aligning with the aesthetics and emotions the mood board conveys.

The journey then evolves with a concept presentation. This is where you start to see components such as concept floor plan and perspective sketches, colour palette and materials. It is also the stage where particular pieces may be introduced, such as lighting, rugs or artwork.

Every design project is unique, and by grounding it to a mood board, I offer clarity of vision, encouraging the exploration of ideas, and a guide through the process from conception to completion.

If you come across a board predominantly showcasing furniture pieces, lighting, rugs and artwork, it leans more towards being a concept board, rather than a true mood board.



Elomou Interiors Mood Board - Oakes Fresh Organic


Elomou Interiors Mood Board - Manning Forest Cabin


Elomou Interiors Mood Board - Classic Organic Coastal


Elomou Interiors Mood Board - Tablelands Tiny Home


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