The Journey

I am passionately creative ...

I distinctly remember staring at floor plans as a child and instinctively moving walls and re-designing the plans in my head. From a very early age, my surroundings became extremely important to me and I understood their connection to how they made me feel. As a child, I would often critique room designs, giving a score out of 10 to my family. Although this amused them, what I didn't realise is that I was building a passion for Interior Design that would never leave me.

In 2019, after a twenty year career in the graphic design and marketing industries, while working in marketing in the real estate industry, I found myself once again staring at floor plans, instinctively moving walls and re-designing the plans in my head. I had come full circle to what grounds me and it struck me that my passion for interiors had never left me. I followed my heart and returned to studying a Diploma of Interior Design. My mind was opened to the possibilities as I lost myself in a world of creativity.

So my journey continues and it feels like home.

My focus is on creating spaces that allow a feeling of connection and relaxation, with layers of meaning, revealing your story. I interweave a foundation of timeless, classic design, with an influence of present day style, in calming colour palettes. The addition of natural textures, light and bright ambience, while balancing minimalist and nostalgic styles, achieves warm and comfortable spaces. Perfect for every day living and future memories, through functional and pleasing experiences.

So why ELOMOU interiors? Click here to find out the story behind the name.

Yours forever the hoper, the dreamer, the optimist,
Sharene x