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Fresh organic Euro design kitchen render


With recent approval for an extension to their home, Sebastian and Caitlin need a family kitchen designed to suit the space.

Caitlin, who works part time from home, loves cooking, and gathering flowers and vegetables from her garden. The space is used by the family every day, including breakfast, and afternoon snacks, so casual seating is required.

A large island is a must have. Other requirements include a beverage station, gas cook top, large oven, large broom cupboard, device recharging zone, and if possible, a butlers pantry.

Caitlin does not like corner cabinetry and overhead cabinets, and prefers drawers instead of cupboards where possible.

The clients like textures, light and bright spaces, traditional, timeless elements, white, as well as colours of the Australian bushland. No bright colours or mid-century modern style.

No changes are allowed to the east windows, and north bi-fold doors. Can change the south side door.



Mood board


Concept board


Floor plan     AutoCAD elevation drawing

AutoCAD elevation drawing     AutoCAD elevation drawing

AutoCAD elevation drawing     AutoCAD elevation drawing


AutoCAD lighting RCP plan     AutoCAD lighting RCP plan

Lighting plan


Sketchup 3D view     Sketchup 3D view

Sketchup 3D view     Sketchup 3D view


Presentation board


Elomou Interiors Enscape 3D render

Elomou Interiors Enscape 3D render

Elomou Interiors Enscape 3D render

Elomou Interiors Enscape 3D render

Elomou Interiors Enscape 3D render

Elomou Interiors Enscape 3D render

Elomou Interiors Enscape 3D render


Careful consideration was given to the desired style, while balancing function as a priority. The result is a spacious, timeless, practical kitchen, with a light and bright feel, embracing earthy colours, natural textures and traditional design.

Slight relocation of the south end door, enables easy access to the vegetable garden. This presents opportunity to install cabinetry along the east wall, with a zone specifically for vegetable washing and flower cutting, with butlers sink overlooking the garden, vase storage, and bin drawer to the left of the sink.

The large island sees another butlers sink, with bin drawer on the left and dishwasher on the right, creating the perfect clean up zone. The island has a deep overhang of 700mm, supported by solid wood legs, allowing four large bar stools to be used, for casual dining.

New internal walls are installed to accommodate the beverage station, featuring an on bench pocket door cabinet, and under bench fully integrated fridge and freezer drawers. A second fully integrated French door fridge freezer is located on the new west wall, with a refurbished, antique, arched set of French glass doors for entry to the butlers pantry and broom cupboard.

Ample storage is achieved, using drawers where ever possible, with no overhead or corner cupboards. There is a reclaimed wood shelf that runs along the entire east wall, in the beverage station and the butlers pantry. Traditional elements are added with face frame cabinetry, shaker style cabinetry, classic design brass hardware, and detailed pocket door cabinetry cornice.

Cooking zone includes a 120cm freestanding cooker, framed with a custom, wood trimmed range hood cover, and microwave in a pocket door cupboard to the left of the cooker.

Device charging is easily accessed in a dedicated docking drawer.

Highly functional, the working triangle between the island sink, fridge drawers and cooker is an ideal total of 5 metres, with most walkways and entrances being 1200mm wide.

Kitchen position runs along the east wall, facing north, offering maximum daylight. Other lighting includes accent pendants and wall sconces, with recessed task lighting under all of the shelving.


Elomou Interiors - KBDi Kitchen Design finalist 2023

This kitchen design was awarded as a finalist in the KBDi Kitchen Design Awards 2023.




Sharene Tailford - Elomou Interiors

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