The Interior Design Process & Services Offered

Elomou INteriors design services and process

My interior design process is a collaborative journey. The purpose of the process is to build upon ideas as I receive feedback from you, to ensure the final design package meets your expectations and results in a design that is both functional and beautiful. As we move through the process, the details become more specific but it all starts with a concept.


What is the process?

• Phase One - Discovery and Concept
• Phase Two - Design and Documentation
• Phase Three - Implementation and Design Management


What services do I offer?

I offer a personalised approach for both residential and commercial interior design, focusing on mid to high end residential projects, and small scale commercial spaces. This covers new builds, renovations or refreshes.

Custom service, charged at an hourly rate. Perfect for small projects, new build floor plan reviews, and help with selections for new builds.

Phase one and two of the process, being discovery, concept, design and documentation, charged at a quoted rate.

Phase one, two and three of the process, being discovery, concept, design, documentation, implementation and design management, charged at a quoted rate for phase one and two, and an hourly rate for phase three.

Working in collaboration with your architect, charged at a quoted rate.


What is involved in each phase of the process?

Phase One

• Your initial inquiry and short questionnaire response.
• Quick 15 to 30 minute free phone consultation to discuss a brief overview of your project and determine if we are both a good fit to work on your project together.
• In person, on-site meeting of approximately 1 to 2 hours, where we take a closer look at what your project entails, enabling me to pull together your design brief and gain details of the scope of the project. We discuss your vision, budget and timeframe. If after this meeting, we both feel comfortable to move forward, we book in a date for me to present a design concept and personalised proposal.
• In person (or Zoom) meeting, where I use all of the details captured in our meeting to present your design concept and personalised proposal. The design concept is an abstract overview of design ideas. The personalised proposal contains an estimate of my design hours and fees, a summary of your project phases, confirmation of the scope of works and contract for signing. If after you have viewed your concept and proposal, you feel comfortable moving forward, we move on to refining the concept.
• I visit the project site to take detailed measurements and before photos. For new builds, this will be simply acquiring all detailed plans already in place.
• A more detailed questionnaire is completed by you.
• If required, specialised trades may need to meet me on-site to confirm viability of any structural requirements.
• In person (or Zoom) meeting, where I present to you a more refined concept, schematic designs, floor plans, budget forecast estimation of project costs, and a timeline of your project phases. 

Phase Two

• Specification of details, such as furniture, fittings, fixtures, appliances, equipment and materials (FF&E Schedule). This can sometimes involve shopping trips together, depending on the scope of work.
• In person meeting where I present your initial set of schematic designs, in both 2D and 3D, along with presentation of material and hardware samples. An updated budget forecast is discussed and design feedback noted. This meeting can be done via Zoom for projects out of the mid north coast area, where I will post material and hardware samples to you prior.
• In person meeting where I present your detailed design and documentation package, including detailed floor plans, elevations and sections, electrical and lighting design plan (RCP), FF&E schedule, and colour 3D renders. Tender documentation and cost estimates from relevant trades is presented, along with final quotes for all items in the FF&E schedule. This meeting can be done via Zoom for projects out of the mid north coast area, where I will post updates of any material and hardware samples to you prior. 

Phase Three

• You would sign contracts with any relevant contractors at this stage if required, such as builders and cabinet makers (dependant on project).
• Ordering of all items in the FF&E schedule.
• Management of the design implementation.
• Weekly email progress updates sent to you.
• Regular meetings with you during relevant stages, depending on the project, with meeting notes emailed to you.
• Installation of all furniture and fixtures, such as window treatments, lighting, wallpaper and other relevant decor pieces.
• Final clean.
• Styling for photography.
• Photography day to document the completed design project.
• Walk through with you and hand over of the design project, including a package with all relevant documentation.
• Follow up meeting one month after hand over.